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Rhodesia Banknote Catalogue.

Guest Aidan Work

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Guest Aidan Work

Name; Colony of Rhodesia.


Region; British Africa.


Constitutional status at time of issue; British colony.


Capital; Salisbury.


Date of Independence; 11.11.1965.This is the date that Rhodesia's Prime Minister declared Rhodesia to be an independent Dominion under the terms of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.This was condemned jointly by the British Government,the British Commonwealth,& the United Nations.The Governor of Rhodesia,Sir Humphrey Gibbs was kept in office,but Ian Smith appointed Clifford Dupont as 'Officer Administering the Government'.Declared a Republic,2.3.1970,

but this was never recognised.Clifford Dupont was installed as 'President of the Republic of Rhodesia'.The title of the signatory on the Rhodesian notes was 'Governor'.


Currency systems - 12 Pence = 1 Shilling,20 Shillings = 1 Pound.

- 100 Cents = 1 Dollar (from 17.2.1970).



British Colony;




P26. 1964 5 Pounds. N.H.R. Bruce.



Self-declared Dominion;


Pre-decimal currency;


P27a. 1968 10 Shillings. N.H.R. Bruce.



P28a. 1968 1 Pound. N.H.R. Bruce.



Decimal currency;


P30a. 1970 1 Dollar. N.H.R. Bruce.

17.2.1970 (Decimal Changeover Day)


Self-declared Republic;


P31c. 1979 2 Dollars. D. Crough.



P32b. 1978 5 Dollars. D. Crough.



P33c. 1979 10 Dollars. D. Crough.


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