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Review of V.V. Kazakov: "Coins of Nicholas II"


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I just received my first "Journal of the Russian Numismatic Society", and it proved to be a very educational and enjoyable read! :lol:


Of special interest to me as a collector of the period of Nicholas II was Ivan Rylov's review of the Kazakov book. In the review, he mentions three different major hub varieties for the 5 and 10 rouble gold coins which are not mentioned by Kazakov. I would like to learn more about the different varieties and want to know if there are readily-available references which illustrate them?


Also, there is one somewhat controversial issue brought up by Kazakov in the preface of his book; Rylov doesn't mention this in the review explicitly, but he refers indirectly to it when discussing some of the different edge varieties which he thinks are minting errors rather than true varieties. Kazakov mentions the "birdie" marks found on pattern coins of the Brussels mint for 1 rouble coins of 1897. He attributes these to damaged edge lettering devices (i.e. deformation of the stars used in the regular striking) and in doing so refutes the "legend", as he calls it, that these are special varieties rather than error coins. I also find it interesting that the tables with price data list an "X" for these in grades higher than VF or XF, i.e. unknown in higher grades. If these coins were patterns, I would think that existing specimens would be more likely to be found in the higher grades??


Does anyone have access to images of real coins which show this kind of edge? I have a 1897-** rouble and one of the stars looks like a point has broken off. It looks very much like the edge pictures shown by Kazakov, but not like the "birdies" shown by Uzdenikov and others. Has this been discussed in the J.o.R.N.S. before? If so, I would like to get the back issue where it appeared.


Thanks for any tips! :ninja:

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This important reference work is now being offered on eBay again by valeriavaleria71:


V.V. Kazakov: "Coins of Nicholas II"


Only 1,000 copies were printed in Moscow in 2004, English/Russian text, with relatively current price information and beautiful color pictures on glossy paper. As far as I know, it is the only available reference with high-quality illustrations of things such as flat vs. high relief Romanov Tercentenary Roubles; 1914 poltina, wide and narrow rim; 1897 gold 7-1/2 roubles, wide and narrow rim; and lots more.


Nicholas II is the area of collecting I have been concentrating on most. I really don't know what I would do without this book! :ninja:

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