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Goldwater defends maker of 9/11 coin


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From the Arizona Republic newspaper:


Barry Goldwater Jr., son of an Arizona political icon, is continuing his

role as the celebrity face of a New York company forced last year to

refund more than $2 million to customers who bought its Sept. 11-related

"Freedom Tower Silver Dollar".


On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the attacks, National Collector's

Mint Inc. has released a new commemorative token, called the "Fifth

Anniversary World Trade Center Commemorative", featuring a pop-up image

of the World Trade Center.


New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer disagreed last year when

he sued National Collector's Mint over its advertised claim that the

Freedom Tower coin was a "government issue" silver dollar and a "U.S.

territorial minting" from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana



The coin was not government issued. The islands use U.S. currency and

are not authorized to mint legal tender.


In October, a New York Supreme Court judge, the equivalent of Arizona's

Superior Court, ordered National Collector's Mint to pay nearly $370,000

in civil penalties.


The medallion is advertised as having 15 milligrams of 24-karat gold and

being 0.999 pure silver.


Based on Wednesday's closing market price, the amount of gold in them is

worth 33 cents and the silver is worth one-sixth of a cent.


Experts caution consumers to be aware when they plunk down cash for

commemorative items that resemble coins. If a price is too good to be

true, it probably is.


Arizona Republic article

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