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Dockwalliper says we need new threads so here goes -


I have been wondering where these security holograms on banknotes would lead to and I was thinking that perhaps they will lead to holographic portraits or vignettes. The cost is likely prohibitive, but I bet someone pulls it off before too long.


But it got me to thinking what new features would I put into a banknote if I were able to design one? I thought about those batteries you could touch the ends to and see if there was any charge left in them when your fingers completed a circuit, and I then thought about ‘mood rings’, as the battery’s indicator always reminded me of them – then I thought that having some sort of material that could be checked by touching the ends and getting a color change would be pretty nice. I’m not sure how it’d work, but hey – if you could get something besides a line going across, perhaps have the letters in the denomination change color or something, that’d be pretty cool.


So - until I can think of how it could be pulled off and sell it to the BEP, what new feature(s) would you like to see in banknotes?

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Actually, something along the lines of what you were thinking....... I have seen checks that had a spot on the back that would disappear when you held your finger on it..... THe ones I have seen have been a blue dot, and when you apply the heat from your finger, and remove your finger, the blue color goes away and reveals some kind of little mark on the paper....... I think womething like that would be a cool feature on a banknote




KFC :ninja:

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