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    No they are realy inverted.
  2. Akol


    thank you for the information, only interesting thing around those coins are that they have error in minting that is lincon is upside down .So i think i will keep them.
  3. Akol


    http://yfrog.com/jcpicture001cqj http://yfrog.com/mupicture002wkj http://yfrog.com/5cpicture003stj http://yfrog.com/jcpicture004txj I have actually two peaces.One is from 1919 and there is lincon and in god we trust,liberty,and on the other sideone cent united states of america and on the top e pluribus uhua.The other one is from 1944 and beneath that is letter d.
  4. Akol


    How much is worth one penny from 1919.in mint state
  5. Akol


    I have coins who have eror in minting.They date from Roman Empire,Venice to Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Does anyone know someobody who buys that coins.
  6. Hello.My name is Alen and i am from Croatia.I am coin colector for a year now.My family and i work with antiqutes,art,numismatic,and i must say numismatic has grown to my heart.Hope to see everybody on numismatics gathering.
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