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  1. ccg, you mean this brownish stuff around the eagle? I wouldn't say it's gold, probably ugly patina or some kind of dirt. Why do you think it would be goldplated?
  2. My favourite ones: Photos of Eagle were taken throgh slab
  3. I would give him an AU 55, but what's your opinion?
  4. Thanks, but do you have any idea, what is this '5' about? Is it a token for 5 dinners or its value is 5 mark?
  5. I found this piece of metal (coin maybe?) in my grandpa's collection. I was triyn' to find, what is it, but everyone was telling me, that he doesn't know. Maybe you'll help me.
  6. Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. My name's Jacek and I'm from Poland. I collect world circulation coins, Polish 2 Zlote coins and Lincoln Memorial cents. I've got some coins for exchange. If you got any questions 'bout Polish coins, I'm on your service.
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