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  1. silver traded at $10.31. wow.........
  2. silver and gold will continue to go upward until both reaches their target. gold $1,000.00+ and silver $25.00+/-. if silver hits $25.00. american eagle uncirculated bullion coin should be around $28.00 to $30.00. that's the price of american eagle silver proof coin today. modern commems silver dollars with capsule but wothout c.o.a., sleeves/boxes dated 1983 to 1988 only will be good too. it should be worth around $28.00 to $30.00. silver proof five pieces statehood quarters commom one without sleeves and c.o.a. will also be trading around at $36.00 a set. commom date u.s. silv
  3. silver break the $10.00 barrier today. it reached a high of $10.23 per ounce. i predict it will go beyond $12.00 per ounce soon.
  4. the shipping is moving again and again. first, it was on mar.12, then mar.13 and now mar.14.
  5. i wish i could have 100,000 pc. of that bi-centennial quarter. but i am a late comer. now i did purchased 10,000 pc. of westward nickels instead. not for profit, i just like it. period. but for statehood quarters. i don't like them. and i don't have any except some circulated one. other denomination that i like were kennedy half and ike dollar. of course american eagle silver dollar is my top choice followed by modern commems dollar.
  6. backordered so many weeks. finally, today i got the answer that the shipment is set on mar 12. are there anyone earlier or after mar.12. if not. mar. 12 is just for anyone.
  7. my prediction for gold and silver go like this. if gold reaches $1,000.00, silver should be $20.00 or more.
  8. again, are those plastic case being open can damaged your set pricing?.
  9. i'm a late comer. i started collecting modern commems. i think it's 1988. but i do bought a lot of 1983 to 1987 silver dollars around 1990's. i ended up in 1994. the last modern commem that i bought is 1994. and now i bought some benjamin franklin. but that is on waiting list.
  10. keep below your bed so that you see them frequently. honestly, what suppose to do in order to have your coins safe storage and without any problems?. do i need silica gel?. coin capsule?. tell us your secret.
  11. what do you mean by modern one?. start from what year?. what type of tool you using?.
  12. can i open a proof set case and re-close it later on?. can it break the plastic case?, how to open a case anyway?.
  13. toning to some is beautiful and have to pay a heavy price. what about if i can't afford to buy a toned coin. can i make one and how?,
  14. will this gold color toning affect its prices?.
  15. 1995 w american eagle gold and silver set went as high as $7,500.00 to $10,000.00. while that of higher grade priced at $35,000.00 a set.
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