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  1. Russian commemorative Gold coin Russia in the UNESCO World Culture and Nature Heritage : Historic Monuments of Velikiy Novgorod and its Suburbs Par : 10 000 rubles Release Date: 01.04.2009 Mint:Moscow Mint (ММD).
  2. Commemorative Silver Coins of Russian Empire In memory of marriage of Grown Prince Alexander Par : 1 ruble Release Date: 1839 year Mint: ST. Petersburg Mint (SPMD) (engraver H. Gube) Marie was the legal daughter of Ludwig II, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine and Princess Wilhelmina of Baden, although some gossiping questioned whether the Grand Duke Ludwig or Wilhelmina's lover, Baron August von Senarclens de Grancy, was her biological father. Alexander was aware of the question of her paternity
  3. Commemorative Silver Coins of Russian Empire In commemoration of tercentenary of Romanov’s Dynasty. Par : 1 ruble Release Date: 1913 year Mint: ST. Petersburg Mint (SPMD) The House of Romanov was the second and last imperial dynasty of Russia, which ruled the country from 1613 to 1917. From 1762 until the February Revolution of 1917, the Russian Empire was ruled for five generations by a line of the House of Oldenburg descended from the marriage of a Romanov grand duchess to the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. This line was officially also called Romanov, although genealogists sometimes style it, more accurately, Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov.
  4. USSR Commemorative Gold Coin Series: Millennium of ancient Russian mintage Vladimir’s Zlatnik, 988 Par : 100 rubles Release Date: 13.09.1988 Vladimir’s Zlatnik-first gold coin of Kievsky Rus issued under Prince Vladimir the Saint(960-1015)following the adoption of Christianity in 998.
  5. site about commemorative Russian and USSR coins www.ruscoin.com Articles, foto, etc.
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