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  1. That was my other concern, I've never heard of them either. I tried uploading some pictures but for one reason or another I'm unable too. I'll try again after work. The set did come in a green box labeled pcgs, but I did imagine the coins would be graded by pcgs as well.
  2. Thanks Corina. I'm new to coin collecting so forgive me for my questions, but how would to they be graded MS70? Is the toning and spots something that happened over time? If I were to sell them would listing them as MS70 falsley advertising?
  3. I recently acquired a 1986 thru 2006 set of silver eagles all graded MS70 by a company I'm not really familiar with, Midwest Financial...? Many of the coins in the set have light toning around the edges and some of them have dark spots. To a collector, does this affect the value? I tried posting pictures, but am having a tough time.
  4. Hi, new guy here from CT looking to learning more about some of my newly inherited coins. Look forward to meeting you!
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