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  1. When I was 8 years old living in Russia one of my parents' friends brought a 10 pfennig coin from Germany as a souvenir. My parents gave it to me as they obviously had no use for it, and that is how I started collecting coins. First they were European coins but soon afterwards a small side collection of Russian coins developed. When I moved to the US I stopped and started again a few years after graduating from college. This time my interest was US coins. But not for long. Thee or so years ago I inherited a small number of 19th century Russian roubles in low grades from a distant relative of mine, I smuggled them out of Russia and that's how my attention turned to Russian coins. It has become quite an expensive hobby as my brief stint with US coins tought me to aim for mint pieces.
  2. My recommendation to sellers is to be careful -- according to eBay rules it is always sellers risk when it comes to shipping, not buyers, which is why they removed the option to ask buyers to pay for insurance. Regardless of what you state in your listing eBay rules always override. And my recommendation to buyers is to pay by credit card that offers protection or PayPal. -lee
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