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  1. Interesting. thank you guys for the info.
  2. I just checked the results of Ira & Larry Goldberg Auction and looks like many Russian coins didn't sell. Were the estimates too high and scared off potential bidders? Does anybody have any insights? Did anybody attend the auction or participate by mail or internet? Just kinda curious where the market might be headed.
  3. It can also be viewed on SixBid: http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewsale&sid=411&cid=14384&s=b
  4. There is a few of them on Molotok right now. Here is a couple: http://saratov.molotok.ru/item1436912826_5_kopeek_1831_em_bez_znaka_mincmejstera.html http://volga.molotok.ru/item1444343697_5_kop_1831_em_bez_inicialov_mincmejstera.html They seem to be a few times more expensive than the ones with mm initials
  5. I wouldn't call these flaws identical. Similar, but not identical. Nice coins, BTW.
  6. Wow! good memory! Or maybe good catalogue collection?
  7. I can't recall seeing any slabbed coins listed in catalogues as "fast stempelglanz". Stempelglanz is usually a gem, so I would imagine "fast stempelglanz" would be something like a choice uncirculated coin (MS63-MS64), but somebody more familiar with German grading should confirm that. Bob, any thoughts?
  8. Heritage website is best in the business now. The NY Sale people have a lot to learn from them.
  9. For Conros you may want to go directly to the source: http://shopconros.ru/item/966740/10370
  10. No, didn't find out. When I went to view the lots it had already been withdrawn and Dmitry wasn't yet there to answer questions. Doubt I would have asked anyway.
  11. I don't think there was anything shady going on, but I say that only because I came in person to pick up my lots. Had I been bidding from another city and patiently waiting to get my invoice via email or snail mail, I don't know what I would have thought once I was informed of what had happened. It certainly would have appeared less than honest. In person it was easier for them to assuage my disappointment. They were very polite and visibly embarrassed when I talked to them. They said that the online part of the auction was outsourced to another company and the software was new and not cl
  12. Nice buy indeed. I, on the other hand, had an unpleasant experience with the New York Sale. I bid online: I didn't want to be out late, because I had to wake up really early the next morning. I was lucky to win 3 of the 4 lots that I bid on. Two of them were the 1762 4 and 2 kopeks NGC XF45 for what I thought were high, but not exorbitant prices. When I came to pick up my lots, however, I was told that I didn't actually win those two coins: a floor bidder did. Showing them a print out of my lots won from their own website didn't help. They weren't shady about it, they acknowledged that
  13. I am not sure there is a single unified "European standard". Those derided coin authentication services made grading in the US fairly standardized, but in Europe things are much less clear. Bob is correct that they are more strict in Europe. For example, about a year ago I bought an 1864 20 kopek from a dealer in the UK as a good Extremely Fine, but when I sent it to PCGS it came back as MS-64. There also seems to be confusion with translation from foreign languages into English. For example, the German word "vorzuglich" is usually translated in auction catalogues and price list
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