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  1. Two errors I found today. Both are at the back of the head. One is very slight, and needs magnification. The other can be seen with the naked eye. I tried to post earlier, but I guess it didn't work, so am doing it again.
  2. Update on my search, not much in the nickels. One 1949 in preatty nice shape. YeOldeCollector, am going to check your site out now. Thanks to all for the welcome.
  3. Hi, actually Trout Run, Pennsylvania. As far as collecting, pretty much any coins that are old or unusual. Was just going through some Roosevelt dimes, and found two errors. Both are 2006P with back of head hair errors. One is so obvious, you can see it with the naked eye. Getting ready to look at some nickels now. I really like pennys the best, I guess. Especially wheatbacks.
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