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  1. Thanks fo the welcome. I was pretty sure it wouldn't be worth much. But, as you say, it is a neat piece of history; and yes, it does have some sentimental value. As do most of my coins, given to me by my father & grandfather. thanks again.
  2. Yes Jay... It is a George III. Can't tell you much more. From U.S. so not well versed in British coin. I also have one, though. See my post.
  3. I live in U.S. ... My dad was stationed on a U.S. Air Base in U.K. near London during Viet Nam War. He brought home a box of misc. U.K. coins. Mostly penny & 1/2 penny, however, there is one coin I am most intrigued by. It is a 1797 George III in FAIR condition. It is very worn. The intriguing part is... It has a business name stamped into obverse... it reads "H. Dickson & Co. Greenside Edin." I have tried to do some reasearch into this stamping with nominal success. I assume this was done as advertisement. If anyone could shed some light on it, it is appreciated! History o
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