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  1. We apologized for not acknowedging. Appreciate your very helpul inputs. This is a 1987-D LCM coin. Thank you again. 3NVTEs
  2. Oh, Thanks for clarifying. Thought there's no limit. Thank you. 3NVTEs
  3. All suspect Doubled Ears we posted are not listed yet. Thanks. 3NVTEs
  4. Is this genuine or something else? Thank you again. 3NVTEs
  5. Thank you Izzy, Steven for the quick feedbacks. Steven, Do post mint damages result to notchings and separations of secondary images which are among the characteristics of this dime? Thank you again. 3NVTEs
  6. Is this genuine DDO with all Obverse doubled including initials, date separations and 3X ears? Thanks 3NVTEs
  7. Hello! What type/caused this DD? Why is the doubling around the face look like shiny blisters unlike those in the date/mint? Thank you. 3NVTEs
  8. Have added comparison to similar reference coin. The difference seems obvious. But we're no experts. 3NVTEs
  9. Hello! Us 3 again. Can you spot the identical ears? Can you commenr? Thanks! 3NVTEs
  10. Hi ALL! Here's one more we found but unsure if genuine DDO??? 2ndary ear is stacked on top of Primary Ear?? Thanks! 3NVTEs
  11. Hello All! Here's another LCM Coin with a clearer Doluble Ear Image(???). This is same 2X Ear type as our prior 2008D 2X Ear Post. Thanks! 3NVTEs
  12. Good morning ALL! Here's another LCM coin of similar type Doubled Ear as our prior post of 2008P Doubled Ear. Comments again will be apprecaited. Thank you. 3NVTEs
  13. Can you clarify why it is MDD? Thnak you. 3NVTEs
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