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    Ancient Roman and Greek coins.
    US Colonials, odd denominationals, Buffalo nickels, Jefferson nickels, Winged liberty dimes.
    Russian Imperial and early Soviet coins.
    German WWII propaganda, medals and coins.
    Casino chips and tokens.
    Horror movie lobby cards.
  1. Are any of the dealers on this site attending the 2016 Bay State Coin Show? I'd love to know your table numbers to I can buy my Russian coins directly from friends.
  2. Hi, I'm Mike, and I'm a hoarder. I mean collector! I collect: Early US coins (Large cents, 2 cents, 3 cents, Morgans) Modern US coins (Buffalo and Jefferson nickels) Error coins (from anywhere) Ancients (Greek, Roman...I'm kind of an expert on the Coinage of Roman Emperor Elagabalus) Russian coins (Empire and early Pre-Soviet and Soviet) I also collect: Casino chips and gaming tokens Chambermaid candlesticks Horror movie lobby cards I have 4 cats, so I guess I collect those Oh... And Credit Card Debt! I have a bunch of that!
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