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  1. HiFrom a fellow chap in the Uk, joined yesterday to try and Identify a coin.
  2. Lovely have now posted pics and a description. getting pics was sorted
  3. Morning all Found this chap yesterday afternoon bizarrely on the gravel of my fish tank, no idea how it got their or were the gravel came from as mixed at least 4 types to fill my tank. Just happened to see it poking half out so had a look. An evening of looking on the internet I think it is either 8 Reales or 2 Reales but unsure how to tell the difference and most of the information I come across is how to spot fakes. Also unsure if it is hammered or milled if that is the correct term and the date seems to be worn off if of course it was ever on their to start with. Any information about dates and history of this coin with identification as the kids and I think it great to have something on our hands that could be 100's of years old. The weight is 15 grams as best we can tell on out kitchen digital scales and is 36mm across of not totally round as you can see in the pictures. Thanks for your help everyone.
  4. Evening all and thank you for the add. I am not a coin collector but must say looking about trying to id my coin I found it very interesting and thinking to myself about a friend who has a metal detector. I found a coin today purely by accident and very much like the idea of holing something hand made all those years ago. My first question will be where is the best place to get an ID from please guys and girls ? Thanks in Advance Duncan
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