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  1. Thanks Constanius, I couldn't find it anywhere.
  2. Hi , I have this Jetton , its French and I think it is from the 14th or 15th century but I cannot find it anywhere. Other Jettons are simular but this one has 6 flowers within the French crest. I hope you can see the photos ok, if not I can post more. Can you help me identify it, year , type etc.
  3. Hi , I have been trying to look this up but I cannot find it . Any ideas folks. Silver Hammered , 20.5mm round x a little over 4mm thick. India ?
  4. Hi to all, I have collected coins for many years and i have over 2,500 . A lot of different countries , some hammered and I think the oldest is 455 BC I will go through again and I do require some help . Particulary with grading and valuation. I am in Ireland and there is no grading service here. I would have to post coins away to the UK or USA and I don't like the idea of posting many coins away to some unknown business. I hope to keep you all busy very shortly. Regards.
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