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  1. I looked at that also...and I thought, "WTF...are these people crazy?"
  2. I could believe it is something from Ivan IV (Grosny). I have several examples of his kopecks and denga in my collection. My query was based on the near-circularity (is that a word?) of the current offering. All my Ivan IV coins are of the typical wire variety, with a definite oblong shape, being flattened from silver flans. I guess I'm showing my newbie ignorance of this genre - is a near-circular coin of the pre-Petrine type common?
  3. This one is currently for offer on eBay. Minimal description, no date or type. I've never seen anything quite like it. Can anyone weigh in on what this might be?
  4. Group, Can we guess at the authenticity of this coin, as well as several others currently on sale on eBay by this seller? http://cgi.ebay.com/Russian-silver-poltina...1QQcmdZViewItem (If I have mismanaged this link, please pardon me...I've never tried to provide a link to this group before)
  5. Thanks, Alex! This has been my experience, also. I have a few dirhems, but they just don't seem "Russian" enough...perhaps because of the era? Anyway, I know that the pre-Donskoi period is a mixture of Golden Horde and Russian feudal states, so that obtaining coinage may be an impossible task. Yet...I would entertain artifacts that would illustrate the time. Group, any suggestions? Thanks, Allen
  6. Group, A little background: I started collecting Russian coins in February of 2008 (yes, this year!). My objective is to build a collection that I can bequeath to my stepson, Philip Konstantinovich, to firmly ground him in his Russian heritage (his mother = my wife, Irina Ivanovna). The kid came to America speaking no English, and now that he's fluent, refuses to speak Russian. To date, I've been fairly successful (after spending way too much money) in developing a comprehensive collection of Empire coins - by this I mean that I have secured at least one example of each regent from Mikhail Romanov forward, with a few exceptions (noted below...and here is where I need your help). Additionally, I'm trying to get representative coins prior to Ivan III (The Great), as well as the missing link from the Empire period. I've been to Basok, Yegorov and Reis, and there are some possibilities. Would you, my kind fellow collectors of Russian numismatica (is this a word?) have any words of advice on where to go for the missing links? Born Tsars and Grand Princes 1288 Ivan I (1328-1340) 1316 Simeon Ivanovich (1340-1353) 1326 Ivan II (1353-1359) 1350 Dimitri Ivanovich "Donskoi" (1359-1389) 1371 Vasili I (1389-1425) 1415 Vasili II (1425-1462) 1589 Feodor II (1605-1605) 1661 Feodor III (1676-1682) 1666 Ivan V (1689-1696) Many thanks, Allen
  7. Re: BKB's post... I came across Konstantin Yegorov on eBay; now lives in Reston, VA. He is originally from Novgorod and has been collecting Russian wire coins for about 20 years. He sometimes sells his excess stuff on eBay, but I have bought from him privately as well. He is a bit pricier than Basok and Reis on like items, but he also has some rare specimens that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. I hope within the next few weeks to pay him a personal visit and "drool" over his collection (and maybe pick up some gems!)
  8. Group, We all know about the perils of bidding on Russian coins on eBay (fleaBay?). I hesitate to think how many of my eBay purchases may ultimately prove to be fakes...one reason I haven't pursued this angle. But in my short collecting career (6 months), I've run across a few dealers who up to this point have never steered me wrong (sincerely believe). I offer to this group: Alex Basok - Highland Park, IL Bob Reis - Raleigh, NC Konstantin Yegorov - Reston, VA If anyone has any comments about these dealers, I'm certain the forum would welcome them. And if you have other dealers who are potentially equally trustworthy, please comment about them...I'd like to make contact! Best regards, allen.moore@tech-strategy.net
  9. Does anyone have an opinion on the "genuineness" of this dealer's offerings? I believe his name is Viktor Kempf? http://coins.ua-ru.com/ Thanks in advance for your advice!
  10. I've searched Basok and any number of other sources. Does anyone know if coins representing Ivan V (1689-1696) even exist? I understand that half-sister of Ivan V and Peter I, Sophia, ruled as regent during Peter's minority - and coins of Sophia are available (if very expensive) - but I have never seen any reference to Ivan V in any numismatic communication. Guidance?
  11. Yes, I got my dealers mixed up. Ilya is with mycoindealer.com, and Mark Fishman is with ancientcoins.ca. I've had a lot of success with both these companies, as well as with Alex Basok of rustypennies.com and was wondering if other members of this forum had the same good experiences.
  12. I've ordered a few Russian coins from www.ancientcoins.ca. They seem to be genuine and reliable. Anyone else have experience with this dealer (Ilya Pachkine)?
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