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    I am a collector of many different items,vintage Postage 1857 i got them from all over the world, I am a antique jewlery collector i have a ring from the late 1800's to early 1900's that is a 11.52 Ceylon Sapphire solid stone. and i have a vintage coin collection from all over the world as well.

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  1. See there is the name calling he resorted to ,so if he is such a proffesional why does he fell the need to treat people looking for answers like this? Some proffessional ! The rest of you in here have kind and forth coming with info i was looking or,i am sorry but i am not trying to imply that it is the real deal because she ave it to me,i am just saying this is how i came to have it today.Thats all i am sorry if you thought i was trying to play on emotions or anything like that,not my intentions at all.i am just saying what was in the box,the rest of the stuff that was in it turned out t
  2. High releifs have 12 rays on the left side of the eagle,and low releif and satin finish low releifs have 11 on the left side of the eagle, Mine has 11,
  3. Hi i am the one that sent this to him and this link you posted is the vary one i sent with the pictures, look i am not no expert by a long shot but i took it a coin dealer here in town and they said that was what it is.They offered me $50,000 for it on the spot.This guy Lostdutchman is a really rud person.I am very unhappy with him.A low releif Satin finish matte proof is what i said it was,thats what the people at the coin store told me it was.Who am i to argue?This coin came from my grandmother. when she was 12 she got this coin and she put it in a lock box and kept it until she died alo
  4. copy and paste that code in your browser to see the pictures of the coin.

  5. what goes a around comes around!

  6. [img] [/img] I have a 1922 lady liberty matte proof and i am wondering if they are only 3 in the world that can be accounted for,how much could this be worth? If anyone could give me some info on how and where to sale this coin i would be so thankful.This is for real i know you here alot of people claim they have this that and the other, but i am for real.Please help me? I can Email proof pictures if need be.
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