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  1. Wanted to introduce myself as I been lurking around for a little bit. Just started collecting coins as I been aquiring a lot from work and after 4 containers full I decided to take them home. I hope this forum and page can be a great resource tool as I learn about different mints, countries currencies and types of coins.
  2. I have a couple with the dot in the 0, and came across a few from 1955 without the dot. I checked the World Catalog of Standard coins and it lists nothing as well. So guess will hold onto them.
  3. could be due to the fact only 2,500,000 were made. The lowest minted coin of that value that year?
  4. I reciently started collecting coins and came across a few from Italy and noticed the 10 Lire from 1955 has a dot in hte middle of the 0. Is that common? The coins from 1953, 1954, and 1956 do not seem to have it and am just curious. I tried searching out some information but have not found anything.
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