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  1. i enjoyed your write up, thank you. expensive banknote in uncirculated condition, one i will not likely ever own. G.F.C. Smillie is credited with the engraving of Progress reverse figure on the $10 note
  2. very cool clembo are these worth much
  3. Hello Aidan, Can you post in this fourm being from New Zeland? If so, please show me the pic's. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  4. Howdy Scottish.... Looks like those fractionals have seen plenty of use! No matter how worn I think they all have pizazzzzzz! Nice notes! 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  5. Well it seem's that I got lucky today...I found a Fr# 1309 "short key" in Gem 66. This completes the 2 .25 cent notes with Walker on them...3 more for the 5th Issue and that's it. 1/2 Cotten 1/2 Linen
  6. Very nice note Dave. Thanks for the synopsis as well.
  7. Great question; Simply put, the "Columbian Bank Note Co" was contracted to produce the note. from engraving the plates to printing it. On Issues that precede that issue, it was the "National Bank Note Co; NY that produced the notes. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  8. Goal#1; Finish the 4th and 5th Issues (US Fractional Currency) minimum grade AU55 [ 4 notes to go]! Goal#2; Finish the $5 note collection from 1914 thru current including stars! [ Big Goal here] $$$$$$$$$$ min ChCu Goal#3 Add the 2007 Paltinum Anniversary set and 2007 "W" Unc set to the collection. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  9. Without a doubt, I would appreciate to see such a fine collection. By all means make this available for viewing for us. Bravo...I can't wait to see it! 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  10. Greetings friends...another fractional "Walker" Fr#1308 in Gem to share with you all. It is a pleasure for me to share this example with you. (this note is part of the 4th and 5th Issue's in my collection) Chow... 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen Here is who he was.... "When Robert J. Walker (1801-1869) was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President James K. Polk in 1845, he had already established himself as a supporter of an independent treasury system and an apostle of free trade. His first concern as Secretary was the establishment of the Independent Treasury System of 1846, w
  11. Well for me I started out by locating metal money boxes. I have 1 box for each denomination from $1 thru $100. Inside the box are silica gel packs (rechargeable) and the majority say 60% or more of my notes are graded, the raw notes are in mylar sleeve's. I have them in Series order. The metal boxes are then stored inside my safe with several boxes of silica gel and my gold, silver and platinum hoard. There you have it. Any other methods that you guy's use that may present a better measure of protection? Please advise...... 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  12. Thanks Vfox...very interesting. Do you have a link to your 1899's?? 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  13. F.E. Spinner (Francis) 10th Sec of the Treasury Server Under the "Lincoln Administration" Some interesting facts of the 10th Sec of Treasury! Did any of you know this about him? The job of fighting counterfeiting continued during the Civil War. At that time, the government took over the printing of currency from private banks and printers to standardize the design of the money, which was quickly dubbed "greenbacks." On July 17, 1861, Congress passed the first federal law authorizing the U.S. Government to issue paper money. At that time, Frances Spinner was serving as Treasure
  14. Hello and Thank you everyone for replying. What some nice notes you have See 323! San Miguel...nice web note..indeed they are hrad to find. A question for each of you is "What inspired you to collect what you currently have"? How long has it taken to get to where you are at? How do you get the enlarged images on your post's? The one I put on is tiny compared to what you posted. Thanks...and keep them coming! I have a Dallas FRN $50 with the following SN# 01688601* and 5 others that follow it in numerical order. They are of course Gem Crisp. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  15. I am wondering if anyone here is collecting the small size US Federal Reserve notes? If so, what area interest you and why? If you care to be specific by all means do so. Do any of you specialize in Series? Anyone trying to collect a specific Federal Reserve Branch complete series of Notes? Post some pics and what got you interested in these notes. Provide details of what you think of the older currency from the new modern printings. As an example the Series of 1928 numeral notes-vs- the 1928 A letter notes. What quality differences do you see? Ink colors, signatures and informatio
  16. Dave, do you also have the 5th issue "Green Seal" Meredith?? I have all but 2 of the 5th issue notes and all but 2 of the 4th issue notes. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linnen
  17. Hello everyone, Thanks for the post's! Some nice fractionals. I have been trying to look up information on F.E. Spinner and get some Biography on him...seems that there is little info on the net! Anyone have any resources for this Treasure for Abraham Lincoln? 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  18. Hello and Thanks everyone for the generous welcome! I look forward to reading post's from you all. Have a great day! 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linnen
  19. Hello Collectors... I for one am fascinated by truly fine examples of the fractional currency. Post your best pieces and let's talk about Sec of Treasury for each series. Who they were, what they did, when they lived and where the went to law school or what milestones they achieved during their terms. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  20. Hey Art amd Dustin, Thanks for the welcome... Either of you collect any fractionals (currency)? again, thanks for the welcome. 1/2 Cotton 1/2 Linen
  21. Hello to all. I am a new fourm member, however, not new to collecting. I prefer to collect fine currency at AU55 or better only. I also collect USA and some Foreign Au, Ag and Pt. I have a un-registered APE set of American Eagles from 1997 to present. I look forward to some stimulating conversation/posting on paper and specific coins. 1/2Cotton 1/2 Linen
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