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  1. Somebody could make their own and how would could you tell the difference?
  2. It's always nice to be in good company...
  3. Good thing it wasn't a snake.........
  4. Can anybody recommend a good Canadian Coins Site/Forum? Want to check prices and maybe dump some if they are not doing anything. They were coins given to me and just put away. I'd have to do some sort of inventory to see just what I have. Thanks! Matt
  5. You probably have a point because those coins that were minted to commemorate 1776-1976 coins aren't worth much either. I don't see that many around in pocket change so I quess people them away just for a novelty.
  6. How many of you are collecting the 50 State Quarters?
  7. I ask this question to coin dealer and this was their take: Dear Matt, Thank you for your resent email. The Tennessee quarter with the P mint mark did not have as many minted as some of the other state quarters so it made it more valuable because of a lower mintage. I hope this is helpful. Thanks again for thinking of x Coin Company. But this mintage is still high.
  8. Why is the Tennesse State Quarter so popular to collect? I don't think it has anything to do with quanties minted because so far Maine has the lowest mintage.
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