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  1. Yes I agree it's much too light to be silver. The coin is 2.2mm thick at the rim which should make it 28-30g if it were 0.925 Ag. I am curious however why someone should go to the bother of producing a nice replica and then try to pretend it is silver. This isn't a common bullion coin. It must take a lot of effort to manufacture the coin and I haven't found any other examples of this replica on the web so I assume it has not been mass produced. The 1972 on it is raised so I assume was part of the coin die and therefore the coin wasn't made as an attempt at a forgery of the original.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this lark and have recently bought a few interesting coins. Amongst them was this Ludwig VIII thaler. It is obviously a replica since it has 1972 and 925 stamped below the arms but is it real silver (from the 925 marking)? It seems pretty good quality, does anybody know who made it? Any infomation would be appreciated. It is 42mm dia and weighs 23.35g if that's any help. Pete
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