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  1. I don't collect $10 gold, but feel the mintage on these is just way too low. I really have not followed this coin since it was discovered, so not sure what price changes it has gone through. I would be buying either PCGS or NGC in MS69. Of course no one knows for sure, but what do any of you think? Do any of you own this coin? Am I buying high in your opinions? Thanks! P.S. I bought the $5 PCGS MS69 about a year ago for $350 so it has done OK since. Should have probably picked up the $10 back then as well.
  2. Anyone going to buy these for a quick profit? Should be able to make a few bucks after they sell out (50,000). Any opinions?
  3. Heard some rumors that these coins have not been minted yet, and are going to be very low mintage, lowest yet. Was thinking about buying a bunch. Anyone else heard this or have an opinion?
  4. I ordered them from a dealer on ebay who said they came from a bag. I also compared some of the smaller denominations and they also show some of the same finish differences although not as distinct as the Sac. I think each mint must be doing something different in the mfg. process to be putting out such different finishes.
  5. I just posted a new topic with the same issue. Business Strike Sacs with the P & D mints having entirely different finishes.
  6. I just picked up a set of 2005 Sac. dollar business strikes and the Philly mint has a satin almost matte finish to it, while the Denver mint has a bright lusterous finish. The Philly coin is definitely from a bag and not from the mint set. Has anyone else noticed this, or is their no pattern? It really looks like two entirely different finishes. Would like to have a reverse set and label them Business Strike Var 1 & 2 just for fun. Anyone else relate to this?
  7. Thanks for the info! It was helpful!
  8. I am trying to find a list of U.S. Modern Commems BU and Proof and their mintages. Having a terrible time finding such a list on the web. Not sure why, there should be one out there. Anyone have such a list? Current values would be a bonus, but mostly looking for mintages. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions! Much appreciated!
  10. I have decided not to renew my Coin World subscription, and was curious if anyone knew of some websites where I could get Coin World-like news free? I am mostly into U.S. Mint products, and Good For, Civil War, and Hard Times tokens. Thanks!
  11. Well thanks for the great response, you certainly answered my question!! You really are a friendly bunch, and I feel welcome here! Thanks again!
  12. Do any of you have an opinion if this coin forum is the best or one of the best on the internet for U.S. coinage? Any other good ones you care to share? Maybe it's not fair to ask that!?
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