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  1. Thanks for the info on the chinese character. As for weight, the chinese dollar is "7 MACE AND 2 CANDAREENS" or just under 27 grams. If it is a 1 Tael coin the weight should be around 37.43 grams. This would definetly be a big difference and make this a counterfeit coin. Again, thanks for the help.
  2. This is the front of the coin
  3. I recently obtained this coin. It weighs 26.85 grams. Diameter 40 MM. I have found all of the idiograms on the reverse except for one. It is inside the center circle at the 3 o'clock position. Standard catalog of World Coins doesn't wran of counterfiets for 1907, but you never know. I found a coin in the catalog, KM# Pn303 CD(1907). The only difference in the coin is the idiogram at 3 o'clock. Any info on this idiogram or the coin appreciated.
  4. Here is second picture.
  5. I have a 12mm copper (probably) coin. The obverse appears to be a hindu god. The reverse writing in ?? language. I have been trying to ID this coin for over a year now and any and all help will be appreciated. Will try to attach pictures. Thanks ps photo has too many k to allow 2 pictures. Will add another post with 2nd picture.
  6. Thanks, I never seen one before either. Maybe someone else has seen it. They don't look or feel like a cheaply made coin. Well, this is one of the things which make coins so interesting.
  7. Looks like I may have gotten a picture uplaoded. Here comes the other side of the coin.
  8. Here's trying to upload pictures again
  9. I have tried several times to set up a gallery only to be told I am not authorized to create a gallery. It is much easier to get help on a coin if people can see the coin. How do I create a gallery so I can show these coins.
  10. I have a very nice looking trade coin. It says William Clinton 42nd President of the United States on one side. ( This side has a shadow profile of Clinton ). The other side says Good for One Hundred Dollars in Trade and has the numerals 100 in the center. The coin weighs 24.85 grams and is 34mm in diameter. It looks like it is made of silver, however I doubt it is silver. It is non-magnetic and the details on the coin are extremely fine. It has a ribbed edge. It is a very well made coin. I have searched the internet for any informatin on this coin with zero results. Has anyone heard of this coin? I have tried to upload pictures to this site before and have had no luck. Sorry, I have several nice pictures of the coin. Any help Appreciated.
  11. I keep trying to upload pictures of a coin I need help Identifying. I keep getting told I don't have authorization to create a gallery. ??? Hard to get help wihtout pictures. Any Suggestions. Thanks
  12. thanks, i will try tinypics.
  13. I am new to coin people and have yet to find their help section. I would like to upload some pictures of coins I need help identifying. I don't have permission to create an album. All help is appreciated. I am using nikons ViewNX2 to handle my photographs. Also using windows Vista home edition. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your help. I don't have many coins that old, so haven't popped for the books.
  15. First, I know I should have a picture, but haven't bought a camera which has a decent closeup . The coin is from the 1700's, and has CAR TH. P.B.R.H.I.B.C.& on the obverse with a mans bust facing right. Reverse has some sort of wreath and date of 17?? diameter = 14mm. Anyone with an idea. I don't have a book for the 1700's and haven't found anything on the internet yet. Thanks for any suggestions.
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