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  1. Does anyone know the Mintage of a 1899 50 kopecks. I found the coin yesterday in a coinstar reject bin and I am wondering is it worth anything? It is in F-VF condition.
  2. Just upgraded to a 2004 1/10 ounce gold eagle with 250,016 minted.
  3. Today I bought my first gold coin and I LOVE IT !!! What do you think???
  4. Today at my local coin shop i niticed the cheap foreing coin box for the first time. I made some increadible deals. First I noticed that there were 1 qnd 2 Euro coins. A bought 13 euros. German coins from the 1890's and a bunch of other old coins. The coins cost 5 for 25 cents. I got $15 in euros for 50 Cents. Why are this coins so cheap? Does anyone know?
  5. What is your rarest coin? Mine is a 2005 Bulgarian 50 stotinki which I got in my change last year with 500,000. My rarest US coin is a 1843 quarter with 645,600. My ancient coins are probably far more rare, but there is no way to know the mintage.
  6. At what age did you start your collection. I was 7-8 when I fell in love with coins. I am wondering when did other people start
  7. I wonder how it works on ebay because a lot of ancient, silver and gold coins can be bought from all over the world. Does that make selling ancients overseas on ebay illigal?
  8. I did some reasurch. This is what I found: Upon entering and exiting the customs territory of the Republic of Bulgaria foreigners obligatorily fill in a declaration after a sample for the following currency value they carry: - Bulgarian banknotes and coins in circulation in amounts over BGN 10,000; - Bulgarian coins in circulation of numismatic value; - Foreign currency equal to more than US$ 1,000; - Shares issued by foreign entities in foreign currency, obligation notes, treasury-bonds, investment and depository certificates, cheques, bills of exchange, order bills, credit letters and othe
  9. Well I dont think it's a lot. The older coins I brought with me from Bulgaria The US coins don't cost more than $100 which is not a lot. The foreing coins, the nickels and I got in change or in the coinstar reject bin. I am going to Bulgaria next month and I will take some of my collection with me 100-200 coins. I have 500-600 coins there which I got from my grandfather. I don't want to take them all because I am not sure about the coin exporting laws.
  10. I would have to go with the first choice. It is a silver Roman denarius from 124BC and I love it. My oldest US coin is an 1876 quarter. Q FABIUS LABEO SILVER DENARIUS ROMAN REPUBLIC 124BC
  11. Thanks Guys This really helps. I am going to stuff everything in my backpack and hope for the best.
  12. I am going to Bulgaria soon. I have a lot of old and silver coins (100-200) and I would like to take them back to Chicago with me. Some people told me that it is illigal. Does anyone know about coin exporting laws from the EU to the US.
  13. Sorry about that it's an 1879 Morgan dollar.
  14. I am 14 years old and I sopend ALL my money on coins. Usualy about $40-$50 a month. I just cant resist it. How do you do it.
  15. I am 14 years old and I've been in love with coins scince I can remember. I am from Bulgaria, but I moved to the U.S four years ago. I left my entire coin collection there ( I dont remember why). Here I started collecting coins from circulation. Two months ago I found a nearby coinstore and I imediatly wasted any money I could find. Can enyone tell me how I am doing so far. This are the coins I currently have. 50 wheat cents (1935-1958) 45 pre 1959 nickels 1874 Morgan dollar in VG 1921S Morgan dollar in AU 2007 Silver eagle 1941D Half Dollar in AU 1962 Proof Franklin Half 1943
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