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  1. Hi Sigi, Thanks for the info, I will go take a look at your coins now. Here is a nice example from this series for anyone who might be interested.
  2. Hard to say. I love a few of the early classics.
  3. The coin does appear to have some wear. I agree with the AU at best opinion. The color is also off. This might just be the pic, but a pinkish hue on a gold coin can be the sign of a dip. The rim ding might also keep it out of a slab. I would not send this one in for grading. It is a beautiful coin, but not enough return to get her slabbed. Here is a quarter eagle of mine also from 1899 in a PCGS 64 slab as a comp for what the slab companies are looking for in a MS gold.
  4. Thanks Art redone I haven't had a chance to really explore this site, but there seens to be a lot here. I am a stronger US coin collector, but have some world pieces that I enjoy. Talk to you again.
  5. I love these nice old silvers. Anyone have any to share ? 1743 Roses in Angles
  6. Hey guys. I am new here but wanted to see if anyone has seen or is familiar with a double struck CII 5 Kopeks. These old large coppers are really nice coins.
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