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  1. Not making any accusations, but just looking for some learning opinion. Am I looking at two different coins, ir is the lighting in one picture just showing more detail? http://www.ebay.com/...=item35bbdc62bf
  2. I have since bouogh air tight caps for all said gold coins, and the nicer silver. Does anyone know aprox what is would cost for example, taking the indian head above to a dealer to submit for grading? Dealer fee + PCGS Thanks, just trying to get a feel for the process. I do in fact have the red book, and it seems if your coin is rated high it can really raise the worth. I might read a book on grading and then see how close my grade is to a dealer in town.
  3. Should I have these graded?
  4. Good day. I am new to coin collecting and found a new interest after inheriting my father's collection. In an effort to get started I recently read "Coin Collecting For Dummies". In this book the author recommends having graded all your coins over the worth of $200. My father's collection has some double eagles, eagles, half eagles and quarter eagles, all most likey reach or exceed a $200 limit. Do most collectors here follow said advice? Thank you.
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