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  1. Generally in vedic civilization nature conservation was given much emphasis so there may be its influence on the coins because pure vedic civilization perform rituals to praise the power of nature and their hymns and chants proves it. Still in India almost rivers, some trees animals has special place in the society.
  2. What is the weight of the coin. Also your first image is inverted so please correct it. from Shariq Khan http://www.coinsindia.info
  3. This Coin is the excellent example of willingness of Nature Conservation among the people of Ancient India. The symbols of the coins are self explanatory about this fact. This coin was first mentioned by PRINSEP in 1837. Some Symbols are as follows 1. Fish and Turtle in Pond - gives the message of water and marine life conservation 2. Tree in Fence - gives the message to preserve trees and greenry 3. River(a small curve line below) - gives the message to preserve fresh water resources Some other symbols whose meaning is yet to find 1. Ujjain Symbol - Four Rings interconnected b
  4. Sorry, I don't know why my link reached to currency converter page.
  5. I have recently got this 5 Rupee Coins although it was issued earlier last year. The symbol/design below 5 remember me a river symbol inscribed on Indian Coins about 2500 Years back. You can check attached picture of the coin. from Shariq Khan http://www.coinsidnia.info
  6. Thanks, I also have series of 1945 and 1943 - One Rupee, Half Rupee, Quarter Rupee of George VI
  7. I like to share two British Indian George VI error/double struck which are very rare. Please follow the the links 1. Half Rupee - http://coinsindia.info/content/george-vi-b...half-rupee-bill Details are - * Ruler : George VI * Mint : Bombay * Year : 1943 AD * Metal : Silver + Nickel * Denomination : Half Rupee or Eight Anna This double struck error coin pictures submitted by Bill Snyder. This is a one of its kind double struck coin with new composition(reduced silver up to half of the weight of coin) of Silver and Nickle issued by British India Governmen
  8. The coins of Jahandar Shah are difficult to find because of their limited issue and short rule
  9. India' s much awaited first ever bimetallic Rupees 10 coin is now issued and available for sale on some auction websites, but the rate of this coin is very high in comparison to its denomination due to the uncertain number of issued coins. Some coin sellers claims that this coin is a limited edition. But official information is not yet available on number of mintage. A recent press release from Reserve Bank of India mentioned that there will be two themes of Rupees 10 coins. 1. Unity in Diversity 2. Connectivity and Information technology Pictures and More Details are available at ht
  10. You can check this coin at http://coinsindia.info/content/george-vi-r...5-british-india and also get full details.
  11. Please visit http://coinsindia.info/content/hyderabad-o...-issued-1938-ad to view complete details State : Hyderabad Ruler : Usman Ali Khan Denomination : 1 Anna Metal : Copper - Nickle Mint : Hyderabad
  12. This seems to be a rupee of Holkar Ruler,Indore Bail Leaf generally visible on the coin of Ahilya Bai Holkar and Year on the coin is 1211 Hijri = CE 1797 AD. From Shariq Khan http://www.coinsindia.info Indore
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