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  1. You can its images at http://ning.it/9XVlBS http://ning.it/bxcyS8 Price : USD 750/-
  2. Hello Group Government of India through RBI issued new commemorative Rs 5 Nickel Brass coin on the occasion of 60 Years of Commonwealth. Details and Picture of this coins is available at News Section of http://coinsindia.info from Shariq Khan http://coinsindia.info http://coincollectorsofindore.blogspot.com http://coinlegends.blogspot.com
  3. Hi All, This is a machine struck coin in the name of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam and RY is 19. from Shariq Khan http://coinsindia.info http://coinlegends.blogspot.com
  4. Thanks a lot for the link. I will visit the website.
  5. Dear Kardgeo I like to see your coins other side also.
  6. Thanks Scottishmoney. I have also added translation facility to my website http://coinsindia.info to make it more benifcial to worldwide coin collectors who are interested in Indian Numismatics. You can also read e-books about Indian History and Numismatics at http://coinsindia.info/content/e-books-ind...ics-and-history . I hope that these books will be beneficial for all coin lovers. You can also check some of my blogs http://coincollectorsofindore.blogspot.com http://coinlegends.blogspot.com http://coinsofsultans.blogspot.com For more information about Indian Coins.
  7. Thanks for your inspirational words and I also must appreciate your interest in Indian Coins and you will find them more interesting as you go more deep into them because of their varieties and number of rules, dynasties, princely state, colonies, mahajanpadas, cities, states and foreign coins(like Greek, Roman, Byzantine found in India) . Their number is still increasing as new discoveries reveals new proofs of dynasties in totally different areas their of Rule. The size of my coin listed in the post is about 1.5 cm (i.e diameter) I also like to see your coins of Bengal Sultans.
  8. Dear Friends I like to share one more coin with you which is about 2200 Years Old. This coin was issued by a Sunga Ruler. The founder of Sunga Dynasty was a Pushyamitra Sunga a Mauryan General who killed the last Mauryan Emperor. Details of Coin is as follows Metal : Copper Alloy Obverse : Elephant with a Warrior Reverse : Three Arched Hill Year : 2nd Century BC from Shariq Khan http://coinsindia.info
  9. This coin is a "Kori" from Kutch Princely State from India. I like to know its weight to finalise its denomination. Regards Shariq Khan
  10. Buy Numismatics Books and Supplies Now you can increase your knowledge by reading books which are too easy to buy from my Amazon Associate Store at Amazon Associate Store You can also purchase numismatics supplies like albums, coin holders, weight scales, magnifying glasses all at from one place. You can also increase your knowledge about Indian Coins at Indian Coins and Numismatics
  11. Thanks Vfox I am happy to share the details of Indian Coins with you and other members. Feel free to ask me about Indian Coins and I will try to give you the details up to the extent of my knowledge. In the meantime check one more coin from Hyderaband Mint This 10 Paise Coin
  12. Dear theheadpoint The present mints of Independent India are 1. Mumbai - Whose mint mark is a small "." i.e dot or diamond 2. Noida - whose mint mark is a thick dot. 3. Calcutta - No Mint Mark 4. Hyderabad - whose mint mark is "star"(in the middle or below the middle of the year) as I discussed above All mint marks generally found below the year Some of the current circulatory coins of India also minted at International Locations, some of them are 1. Heaton Press Mint (Birmingham) - Mint Mark "H" 2. Royal Mint of Cananda (Ottawa) - Mint Mark "C" 3. Moscow - M
  13. Thanks NumisMattic2200 My avatar coin is dated back to 2nd -3rd Century BC known as Tribal Coin -Type 1 (PRINCEP ) of Ujjaini. It has many symbols as I discussed earlier on Coinpeople.com . Four rings connected across symbol is known as Ujjaini Symbol. There is also a tree in fence to the left of it. Above it Pond of water with Fish and Turtle accompanied with Six Armed Symbol and River at the bottom. This coin is believed to circulated inside the city and not a imperial coin.
  14. Dear Art and theheadpoint Thanks a lot for appriciation. I will continue to share special coins with you and forum. Cheers
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