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  1. I suppose for completeness, yes. But I am not going to lobby for it, because I am of the opinion that there should be no presidents on our coinage. We do not live in a monarchy. I voted for the Gobrecht. It is an awesome design. The newest Sacagawea is a very nice design, but I just couldn't vote for it because of how awful they look a few weeks after you touch one. That metal they used was not well-thought out.
  2. I like the Franklin, as well. It is a bit silly, though, how small the eagle is on the reverse. I personally would have sacrificed some of the superfluous text and made a reverse design that more naturally incorporated the eagle and Bell. On the other hand, I don't care for the reverse of the Walking Liberty because the eagle is just too darn big, and in an awkward pose.
  3. My wife has horses, and she loves the Nevada design. Too bad it has a dead president on the front! Just imagine the Standing (or Seated even) Liberty on the obverse, and that beautiful reverse. When are we going to get these presidents off the coins? Doesn't that seem too much like putting Kings on the coins?
  4. Actually, I am looking for a 1950 coin from Southern Rhodesia for a year set for my wife. Anybody have an extra?
  5. I just looked at my Kennedy half set, and realized something. I have the Whitman book that has holes for all the issued coins, including proof-only issues. It turns out I have 13 of those proof-only holes filled! This might not seem unusual, until you know that I did not buy a SINGLE one of these coins! Every one was found either in pocket change or from rolls I got at the bank. Doesn't that seem like a lot of broken up and spent proof sets?
  6. I used to sell books on half.com. But, when eBay bought them, they made it hard to keep up a store on half.com. I think they wanted everybody to sell on eBay; I suspect because of faster turnover and more cash flow for eBay, even if less margin for sellers. Now, I am interested in selling (or trading) some of my extra coins, and I am looking for a good website to do that besides eBay. I will try out USAcoinbook as suggested above. And, once I have been a member here long enough, I will try to sell a few coins here.
  7. My story is similar to others. I have never actually sold a coin. I have, a couple of times, sold some coins that were not in my collection for their silver value. I read an article recently that suggested it is a good idea to sell some coins once in a while, just to be familiar with how much you can really expect to get out of them. And, I do have a lot of extras I would be willing to sell. So, soon I will give that a try.
  8. I am on the same track vis-a-vis your comment about silver. My question is: "Couldn't they find a golden-looking metal that did not look so bad after just one week in circulation?
  9. Does anyone know why these nickels are so often found in a corroded condition?
  10. The reason the Buffalo nickel wins so resoundingly is because both sides are attractive. But, I agree with bobbycoin, the 2004-5 nickels should have been listed. I guess if you wanted to vote for them you had to vote Jefferson.
  11. I agree that this is a very underappreciated series. The coins are beautiful and interesting. The prices are still very reasonable, at least compared to other U.S. coins. However, it can be hard to find a good dealer. And, there are MANY counterfeits. Finally, lots of the available US/Philippine silver coins have been improperly cleaned. So, if you find a nice example coin, but it before it is gone. Most of the coins you can find are from 1944/1945, brought home by American soldiers, and are pretty common. The coins from the 1920's are challenging. I also have taken an interest in the coins made for the Culion leper colony. If there is any interest, I can write up an article about them.
  12. My opinion is that the United States government should obey the Constitution. Federal Reserve notes are not legal tender in any of the States. Only silver or gold can be legal tender. Stop making unconstitutional money, return to a sound non-inflationary money, and stop making the lower denomination coins obsolete!
  13. To store the coins I use 2x2s in 3-ring binders. I like this method because I don't have to limit my collection to a pre-printed album. Also, I can take the coins out easily, inspect them up close, replace them when upgrading, rearrange them as needed. In one of my books I have inserted pictures of the flags of the countries just before the coins of that country. It makes the binder much more interesting for non-numismatists to look at. For some coins that don't fit in 2x2s, I use baseball card pages, or other variations of plastic page sizes to hold them. To organize, I use a spreadsheet program, with columns for country, year, denomination, mint, condition, value, date purchased/acquired, physical storage location, notes.
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