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  1. I agree with Art, any information about coins (no matter there oregin) is a bonus to us collectors, if you want to talk South African coins on this forum go ahead, if you want to find out who is interested in your coins then post a thread and see how many members respond, the idea is to get things going then see where it leads you.

  2. It has been my experience that there are two basic ways of collecting coins, you can collect for fun or you can collect for profit. Collecting for fun is self explanatory, collecting for profit takes a little bit more research.

    The idea is to purchase a coin at as low a price as possible and sell at a higher price thus ensuring a profit, collecting coins with as low a mintage as you can is one way for example, I purchased 9 copies of the Queen Mum when it came out in 2004, I paid $49.99 each for them, I sold 8 of them for between $300.00 and $400.00 each and I have one left.

    What I am trying to say is, it makes no difference if it is gold/ silver or bronze, it all comes down to supply and demand, remember when it comes to a collectable it is only worth what another collector is willing to pay for it.

    FYI. the mintage on the Queen Mum coin was 9,996 I believe.

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