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  1. I bought it about ten years ago from one older man in local internet auction (no one except me was interested in that coin). He told me that I had bought the coin for a very good price and that he had paid about 5000,- Schillings in Rauch auction (Austria) for it (also years ago). I collect ancient coins and I donĀ“t have experiences with old russian coins, but the uneven lines on letters were very suspicious for me and it really looks like work of some amateur forger. But different countries have different numismatic history and technics, so I needed some help from someone more experienced.
  2. Hello! I have this rare silver coin - 5 kopecks 1762 - Peter III (V.V. Bitkin Comprehensive Catalog of Imperial Russian Coinage Kiev 2000, page 337, number. 3). Could anyone advise me if is it an original coin strucked in 1762 or if it was strucked later (novodel). And standard question: How much It's worth? Thanks.
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