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  1. NEAT COIN! I have seen only a few of the more modern issues of other countries. I wonder why the US hasn't made a two toned coin like that yet.
  2. I have catalogued my coin collection for years using a spreadsheet I wrote. I have not seen any of the cataloguing software. I have done this for so long that I first worked on Q&A an old Dos program, then I moved it all over to LOTUS 123 and now i have it in Microsoft Excel: I think my feilds are thus: Currency Type: (Coin, Bullion Coin, Bullion, Federal Reserve Note, United States Note, etc.) Date: Face Value: Grade: Current Value: Content: Mintage Quantity: Mint Branch: Quantity on hand: Collective Face Value: Collective Current Value: Place Purchased: Date Purchas
  3. Welcome to the group. I have had fun with just about all your hobbies as well. Although I must admit it has been a few years since I have suited up, laced up the skates and played a little hockey. Have fun while you are here man!
  4. *lol* Nope! I am just the Heavy-Metal werewolf of Houston. My relatives are all humans! J/K of course. I am not a werewolf. I just like to wear the suits.
  5. Yeah I have seen their website. They want a fortune for anything there. But then consider where they're at...Rice Village. I agree. They have what they call "Silver Cobs" but you cannot touch one for less than three hundred dollars there. The coin my mother bought from the Intergem Gem and Jewelry show was less than that! My mother bought me a Pieces of eight from a shipwreck about three years ago. I opened that Christmas Day and I was moved to tears over it!!!
  6. WOW! What a Piece! I haven't got one that old! I have a Quarter from 1808 though. It comes close. You got that from the people at Houston Numismatic Exchange...I will have to look them up.
  7. Oh Yeah? Wow! So many Houston Coin Dealers. There were some really neat guys who had a shop on Westpark near Jeanetta. I had seen them for about 8 years. I think the Westpark Toll Road and the construction put them out of business. OH BTW, SWEET Russian Rouble Icon! Is that one of your coins??? I have an 1898 Russian Rouble but no where near that great of condition! Garth Clark...Well...I will have to look. Right Now I would LOVE to get my paws on a Spanish Milled Dollar (Pieces of eight coin.)
  8. WOW!! Is that Feller still out there at that mall?!! I haven't set "paw" in that mall for about 20 years! I cannot believe he is still there. SWEET!!! The Place I know of is called the Trading Fair II it is off of 610 at the Crestmont Exit. The man I know is named Leo. He has sold coins there for YEARS! All you would have to do is meantion Jon, the guy who has bought coins for about 20 years and he would know who I am!!!
  9. Thank you Art. I think I will. I have collected coins since I was like 9 yrs old. I am 27 now. *Towards ScottishMoney* I don't really go to any true dealer per se. I just see a friend that collects and sells them in a flea market. He has been selling me coins for most of my life. The man is a Chemical Engineer at Exxon and he sells the coins in his free time on the weekends. He has supplied me with some really nice errored pieces and some really rare coins / notes as well. There was a shop in a Mall in Sharpstown (A small community in SW Houston.) Then there was a man on Westp
  10. Is this a re-release of the same book? Does the older edition provide information that had to be trimmed out in later editions??? Have you got an image of this book? I am familiar with the Whitman Catalog. I trust it over all the rest.
  11. Howdy all! I go by the name "Sylverwolfe" or "Skylar Husky." I am a Coin Collector living in Houston, Texas. Believe it or not I found out about this site after I bought some Silver coins from a local Houston coin dealer. I went online to look up their masses and basically see if I could find their values which were more detailled than what is presented in Krause Publications' Book World Coin Prices. 1901 to Present. 2005 Ed It began with wanting to find the mass wieght and purity of a Russian Rouble I have dated 1898. I admit I have quite an affinity for calculating purities of coins, p
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