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  1. On the back of 1 dollar and 2 dollar bills have differnt denomination on the back. the back has 10 dollars going different directions. Look kinda like an uncut sheet on the back. Is this a Error???? How Common Is this??? What is the value??? Sorry no pics today. I can take some if this would help.

  2. The package I'm looking at is 8.5 lbs of books. No commercial value. No customs value. UPS charges $234.85. I can probably get an airline seat for less.

    My metal detector Im selling. Ups shipping to Germany $622 dollars for 25 pounds. USPS $125 dollars for 25 pounds.

  3. The 2 die Crack start and end in different places. 3 different cracks possible. It circles the whole coin. How many of these are out there? Has anyone seen this before? I have both Cherry Pickers guide and have not seen this before. How rare and what would this coin be worth? Any feed back would be appreciated.


    Top pic you can see cracks near the rim. Bottom Diff. Pics



  4. there are some collectors of counter stamped coinage. I think some of the grading companies even slab counter stamped coinage... as for grading i agree with AWACS... when I sell coins like that I always go by the first number in whatever book your using (good) and if the damage really bad I cut that in half or even a third to get a place to start

    I bought It a little under G-4. I think it wasnt a bad deal. THanks for the opinions.

  5. This coin would be F-12 to VF-20. Would I be correct to grade at G-4 because of damage. I need some opinoins. Im sure someone would by it if I wanted to sell. I bought it because it had good detail and you never know who stamped it. Or when it was done. 1840, 1878, 1902, who knows. Someone famous or some board kid. It is history and that is why I collect.


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