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  1. Yeah, I thought my odds were good for the lottery after that...didn't get 1 number right!
  2. I have been buying pennies at the bank to go through since 1977 on and off. The 1980's were pretty good at finding early wheats and even an occassional Indian. The 1990's were not very good at anything. Recently, I started this again and have gone through about 12 boxes of pennies over the last month. I don't know how it has been for others, but I have found (1) 1909 VDB - XF, (21) 1998 Wide AM's, (6) 2000 Wide AM's, and last week I found a beautiful 1894 RED MS65 Indian Head! I've looked around to see if this was a coin that was purposely put back in circulation, but have found nothing. Needl
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