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  1. Our friend Izzy passed away on February 28 after losing his battle with multiple myeloma. He leaves behind his wife (whose initials inspired his CP screen name), two children, and three grandchildren.



    Izzy made me grin every time I signed on to CP and found his blue smurf avatar ambling across a steady row of posts. I'm going to miss his dry humor, his love of collecting, and most of all, his big heart. Izzy's spirit was a joy to be around.

  2. If the thought "Maybe I should sell my 1865 $2 Gold Newfie to HiHo" ever pops into your head please let me know. Because I LOVE that coin! :ninja:


    Regarding camera stands. I use a Kaiser (made in Germany) and can recommend it highly.


    That was an unexpected response. ;) I'm glad you like it, and if I decide it needs a new home, you'll hear from me!


    Thanks for the camera stand recommendation. I need all the technological help I can get. Along with lots more practice, of course.

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