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  1. Thank you! It's nice that you know the coin from my avatar. My main theme - the medieval coins of Western and Central Europe. Russian medieval interesting in so far as. In the collection has a few good Moscow and Novgorod coins of Ivan the Terrible and some kopeyka of Mikhail Fedorovich. For anyone interested in Russian "cheshuyka" I recommend this website and catalog: http://rus-moneta.ru/sort_kg_knn.php?duck_id=64
  2. A forum where you can find excellent "Menagerie" with the lions on Prague groshik reign of King Wenceslas Secundus. Other topics are found Levick other kings, but they are not so beautiful))) http://www.sberatel.com/diskuse/sberatel/vaclav-ii-2403x1
  3. I want to share a picture of a coin, considered the most beautiful coins of the Middle Ages! Perfect embodiment of Gothic aesthetics, expression and style. Prague grosh, one of the most popular coins in the Central and Eastern Europe in 14-15 centuries. This coin was minted in Kutna Hora in the years 1300-1305, during the reign of King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Poland. The design of the coin operated Italian minsmeystery, who invited along with the Apennine bankers by the King-reformer. I would also like to note the excellent composition, harmony and proportionality of the font and other de
  4. Excuse me ... This is my personal opinion ... but your Slavonski Hungarian denarius - a modern fake (((. In order not to tempt the counterfeiters, will not disclose the number of nuances that give a fake. But I can say confidently that the style of performance animal, portraits and letters of legend are not authentic ... Unfortunately (((
  5. Here are my favorite coin of the Polish kingdom Sestak struck at the mint Malbork in the reign of Sigismund III.
  6. Greeting Dear community! I am from Russia. I am interested in the coins of the Roman Empire and Medieval Europe. Besides collecting the portrait coins of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. I will be glad to new acquaintances and help from more experienced colleagues. I welcome you to the pages of my virtual museum of fine arts! http://www.fineartmuseum.ru/
  7. Welcome to www.fineartmuseum.ru

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