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Rules of how to post your picture for PBC5

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This is the rules for posting your coin pictures for PBC. (rules are similar for PCI) I have to ask everyone's cooperation to make my life easier as I am expecting a flood of links which I undoubtly think will be all hot candidates for this year's competition.


As mentioned, there will be eight different catagories and therefore you will see eight different threads. If you are going to post three different coins, please post them all in a single post. In the event where you feel that you can post in two or more different catagories, you are free to choose whichever catagories you want to post it in but only post that coin in a catagory, i.e. not in two different catagories at once.


You are free to edit as many times as you wish until the closing date, which will be the end of November. However I must ask you to post your coin image as the following that is


1) Post in banknotebank (as everyone will have the same size format) - If you have problems with uploading your coin image to banknotebank, I am more than happy to do the uploading.

2) The coin that you are submitting is strictly yours, i.e. not your dream note or someone else's image

3) If you are submitting three different notes in a single catagory, post them all in a single post. Use the edit button as many times as you need (as long as you don't end up killing the forum)

4) Please post your images as URL format, not img format

For example, I do not want to see this:




But I want to see this instead:




The correct code that you should be using is:


 [url]http://www.banknotebank.com/notes/900702A.jpg[/url] <- 

NOT [img=http://www.banknotebank.com/notes/900702A.jpg]


Do not worry about posting the reverse, I can do that manually.


5) Label the description well!

6) Any questions, problems, pm me.

7) Enjoy! :ninja:


Thanks for your cooperation!

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