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  1. My coin book says it is worth around 500 dollars
  2. Looks like someone got mad it was not a war nickel, Don't blame em I've searched through sixty rolls and have not had crap!
  3. Recently I found a 1952 dime with mint mark on reverse near bottom, I would check there. I am going to let others answer Shining Philly or No S 1962, hope I helped -CoinCollector8
  4. Looks roman too me. I have a roman coin that looks similar Try to find the mint mark on coin's reverse on bottom, just note their are many variations of marks. Check this website it might help http://www.romancoins.info/Mintmarks.html
  5. Hey everyone! I am new to this forum and have some questions about this 1983 P Quarter. Recently I was searching some change in my car and came across a possible spitting eagle. Is it a scratch or an error? Thoughts would be great! -CoinCollector8
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