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  1. My RSFSR coins: Collecting soviet coins is like an endurance test indeed. I need a lot of patience and attention to find these little piece of metal between hundred of coins at fairs.
  2. Incomplete set also... Many thanx go to banivechi. The 1924 rouble and almost all the soviet roubles came from him.
  3. Stil incomplete.... All coins are circulated, form "oldies" markets.
  4. vasil

    Austrian Thalers

    Thanx There is much to be done yet...
  5. vasil

    Austrian Thalers

    Your taler collection is awsome. I use to collect Russian coinage but put together a little collection of talers too. inferior grades than yours, but still i like it very much.
  6. I would be happy to contribute with pics at such great project (even I am just a newbie in this field)
  7. Thank you. I know that is not related to coins, but also know that on this forum are russian speakers. Sorry for this off-topic thread!
  8. Hello Can you read what is written on this cigarete holder? Please...
  9. Just didn't have the time to scan each one....
  10. Hey, thanx. I remember that at one coin fair at Brasov I refused some nice roubles because they were too light in my oppinion. Banivechi, do you remember?
  11. I've bought a 1811 rouble from ebay. It looks ok to me, but it weights only 20.36 gr. What do you think? Is It genuine? I have some worn roubles from the same decade and they weights a little more. I know that the admited weight for the imperial roubles before 1886 would be 20.598 gr. and if it is worn it is possible to decrease the number with 0.1-0.2 gr. But lighter is ok? I think that it was artificially toned.
  12. I tryed to illustrate the russian eagle design along the years, so I uploaded some rouble pics on a romanian forum: http://transylvanian-numismatics.com/phpBB...at.php?cat_id=3 Unfortunately, I have not a catalog. What would be the years/rouble types with some other eagle designs? I will try to find them and put some new pics.
  13. I have something even more strange on the edge of 20 kop 1866
  14. See in the pic what means PL and TR (mintmasters officials): I dont know what Cat No Y#89.1 and Y#89.2 stands for (maibe is for the mints, I've supposed so). Ask the seller.
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