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    Over the past year started to collect British coin's. I like most hammered and my most recent focus has been on Elizabeth I also like The Modern Britania's and American Eagles.
  1. I have not heard of any copies though I do believe that the commemorative crown did see some circulation as there were a specimen strike issued in a box Spink 4049 and a Proof strike Spink 4050 along with the regular strike Spink 4048. One other thing of note is that there is a error edge type for both the proof and regular strike but these are very rare and Spink does not say what the error is.
  2. Hello Dave, The Hellnote arrived today, Thank you.
  3. The United Kingdom has been in a Bull market now with prices increasing the past three years at least in Hammered coinage and not doing too badly in Early Milled, By default Prices have gone up in North America as with the Internet more auction houses are holding Internet auctions, So a Buyer in England has more to work with because of the exchange rate, when they use North American auction's, that of course makes things more competitive and has driven prices up pretty much everywhere with Hammered coins, it's great if you are a seller with good material, thats getting harder to find, and as you can imagine not so great if you are a buyer. Guides are Helpful, Spinks is wonderful, they can be a roadmap to other books and studies, but in the end they are just guides. I'm also not sure about the word of promoting a market thats all ready hot, what is more likely I think is promoting a book, I have not read their book so I can not comment on it but would welcome the chance to do so, when and if they post online, I'm just very wary of this promoting the market idea, the more I think of it, as guides should report on the market, not try and make it and promoting a market sounds less passive to me than just reporting the facts. Just my two cents of nonsense
  4. I thought you might be interested in this article. An unknown cracker broke into a server hosting downloads of the popular WordPress blogging software and rigged the file with a remotely exploitable code execution vulnerability. News of the hack comes directly from WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg: "If you downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 within the past 3-4 days, your files may include a security exploit that was added by a cracker, and you should upgrade all of your files to 2.1.2 immediately." Mullenweg described the code planted into the download as "unusual and highly exploitable" and stressed that the 2.1.1 download was the only thing touched during the attack. "This is the kind of thing you pray never happens, but it did and now we're dealing with it as best we can. Although not all downloads of 2.1.1 were affected, we're declaring the entire version dangerous and have released a new version 2.1.2 that includes minor updates and entirely verified files. We are also taking lots of measures to ensure something like this can't happen again, not the least of which is minutely external verification of the download package so we'll know immediately if something goes wrong for any reason, he added. He did not say how the attacker was able to breach the server. Now, WordPress is trying to get the word out to any user who may have downloaded the rigged version 2.1.1. If your blog is running 2.1.1, please upgrade immediately and do a full overwrite of your old files, especially those in wp-includes. Check out your friends blogs and if any of them are running 2.1.1 drop them a note and, if you can, pitch in and help them with the upgrade. If you are a web host or network administrator, block access to "theme.php" and "feed.php," and any query string with "ix=" or "iz=" in it. http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=110
  5. Ok I'm a bit confused by his response, that sounds more like a release for sale, as opposed to a giveaway. Now I'm wondering if the article was supposed to say that the book would be released soon and was promoting it as a good guide. As a side note I don't see why they would feel the need to promote the U.K coin market, as it's been a Bull market over the past few years.
  6. Welcome to Coinpeople Deelcee, I see you have discovered the joy of Hammered coins of England, there are a few colletors here in North America. Now where to start for the new collector The first thing I recomend is you pick up a copy of Spinks Coins Of England and The United Kingdom 42nd Edition 2007, you are in luck as well, as this is the first edtion offered in colour. Check out my bookstore here, as I have a bunch of guides you will probably find useful Night Vision--IntaglioSunSet The Numismatic BookStore if you are unable to get books online let me know and I will get you the ISBN numbers so that you can take those to your nearest Library or Bookstore, having an ISBN number makes it a lot easier for someone to locate a book fast for you. The Spink quide is a great starting point and is helpful for learning pricing and such. Once you have decided on a series within the hammered coinage there are more specilaized works, like JJ Norths English Hammered Coinage Volumes I & II, and I would also recomend The Small Change series by P & B Withers this is probably the most current specialized research into hammered coins. There are a couple of groups as well that are helpful here are the links to them. Coins Of England And The United Kingdom EnglishHammered-L Now when it comes to buying coins, I would recomend you look at a lot of coins first to learn how to grade hammered coins it's a science and Art and really only starts to come to you after looking at coins in the hammered series over the course of years, if in doubt before you buy, ask someone here about the coin. The are also a few reproductions on the market, they can sometimes trick new collectors, but a good givaway of them is that they are thincker than true hammered coins and have a soapy greyish appearance, I'm sorry I think I'm out of space or I would post a picture of them. Then there are the Ashmore copies reproductions that are more dangerous having been struck in silver and made from hand carved dies, Ashmore focused though more on early english/Celtic Coins and the wartime issues of Charles I. I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions, someone here will know and I hope I did not bore you to death or scare you away Best Regards, Ray
  7. Thank You, Dave For the fun contest, I don't know much about this area of notes so it peaked my interest. I'm not sure if I'm correct in this assuption, but are these the notes that are used at funerals in China/Asia as payment I guess to the ferryman or for use in the afterlife? When you have a moment it would be great to hear a backgound around the history and traditions around these notes. Thank you and Best Regards, Ray
  8. Thank You Art, for taking the time to post that info, please let us know what the response is that you get from your E-mail to them in regards to the book. Best Regards, Ray
  9. Mine would be my avatar. Full Picture here Elizabeth I Sixpence 1573-1574 Eglantine Mint
  10. Thank you, I hope it works too, my goal is to provide an easy way for a person to find most books in one place without having to do a lot of work or spending a lot of time at it.
  11. I'm hoping people might be interested in this, and it's my hope you find it usefull and a time saver when looking for books to purchase it's my attempt to create a one stop shop for your book needs. I'm pleased to anounce Night Vision--IntaglioSunSet The Numasmatic Bookstore is open. Please feel free to leave feedback as well as this is a new venture for me and I'm all ways looking for ways to improve.
  12. I like those they are very nice. I have thought about buying some uncleaned coins but I really don't know of a good source too offten you see the scams on auctions sites and such, so I have been wary of buying that way. I do think it would be fun though if I was able to find a honest dealer that has fair prices. I would also have to learn how to do it, what I know now is that you soak the coins in olive oil and wait as long it takes for the ecrustation to losen then you use a gentle brush to remove the dirt and such.
  13. I know how you feel I spent about four hours yesterday going through books and looking at coin pictures on the internet The Swiss Franc I knew I had seen just could not remember it, that was driving me mad LoL and the tribal pictograph face I think I know I just can't find the coin, but there was one I had seen a few months back that had the same kind of design elements to it, I'm going to keep trying but I fear i'm stumped, it's just that I feel I should know this, you ever have that feeling where it's just at the back of your mind but you just can't recall it, thats what I have going on.
  14. I really like the design they used for it as well I think they ended up using a similair design on the 1903 Florin, when I have a free moment I will post some specs on the trade dollars, Spinks had a wonderful auction going on of coins from the colony's they had some trade dollars in it, but they were super rare and expensive. Also be careful there are forgeries out there and a modern re-strike, the re-strike is easy to spot as it's proof like and the forgeries all have a strong weakness to their strike and a soapy look, I will try and find photos of those as well I know I have them somewhere lol
  15. This coin has a bit of an interesting story. I bought it at auction thinking it was a forgery and for the longest time I thought it was, recently I had some dealers look at it and to my surprise I found out it was not a forgery, now I have a problem I have no idea what it is worth, perhaps someone here my be able to shed some insight. Thank you Constantine I Campgate
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