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  1. If you ever go to a small town for visiting you should check your pocket change and/or search rolls there. I have found older, smaller or more secluded towns have more older coins. They do not have as many collectors that look through there change. This means that there is a more concentrated old and rare coins in circulation there.
  2. Thanks to everyone for their help, again
  3. I have found out that Russia has recently purchased a large amount of over 25 tons of silver, this may have something to do with it. However, there is clearly some manipulation in the market. I speculate that this drop is going to be pretty minor and not amount to much. Here's an article: http://moneymorning.com/2012/04/06/the-who-how-and-why-behind-silver-price-manipulation/
  4. You do have a good point, I guess Im going to have to research some more.
  5. I was wondering where is the best website to determine the value of your coins. I usually use Coin Trackers but I am not sure if that is accurate. Can somebody give some suggestions?
  6. Answer to first Q: The reason it is going down is that the demand for silver is going down. This is because people who bought silver when the dollar was weaker are selling that because of the dollars slow rise in value. When people are not confident in the dollar they buy precious medals which they believe have a steadier value so when the confidence is regained they go back to the dollar.
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