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  1. These aren't my strong suit here I'm afraid. I've never seen the first two before. My 10 year old catalog listed the 5 Gulden red ink note as a $100 remainder in UNC. THe same catalog listed the 600 Rupiah note as a Proof only and at $2000 in UNC. The 1919 1 Gulden listed as $14 in Good. Remember, these are OLD catalog prices.


    But before you get too settled: there was a thread posting not long ago that had a few who were very much the experts on Indonesian notes. The thread was titled "Any Indonesian Specialists?" Her's a Link to the thread: Link Anil2 and Dr.Arifin and Thelawnet were the experts who were posting some very fascinating information. Unfortunately they aren't very frequent posters here, but you can PM them (usually linked to their regular email for notifications) and I'm certain they'd be more than happy to respond. Let us know what you find out.


    Please let us know what you find out!



    Thx for your information!

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