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  1. I found this coin on 5/1/16 metal detecting. I put it up on a FB page and boy oh boy, lots of controversy trying to figure out what Cohen variety it is. There are a couple EAC members on it and people are saying new die variety, C-1 , C-10, C-4 and so on. Any half cent masters on here ? Thank youFullSizeRender 15.jpgFullSizeRender 16.jpgFullSizeRender 17.jpg

  2. The nick at 7 o'clock I think either I may have done digging it or the plow may have nicked it, not sure and will never know- hoping it doesn't affect the grading to much, any thoughts ? Believe it or not, on November 15th , I found another gold in different location- 1853 $2 1/2 gold coin in a broken bezel with the gold chain

  3. Hello, just joined here and want to show my find of 10 lifetimes. I've been metal detecting for over 25 years and found this 1806 round / knob 6 , 7x6 13 star $5 gold coin on November 5th 2015 which was my mother's 80th birthday. I sent it out this Monday to PCGS for grading. I joined another coin site and within minutes, people thought I was lying and it wasn't real, it is and I guess when it comes back from PCGS, I'll have the last laugh. I was just simply asking for opinions on what people thought it will grade out as. I only cleaned it with water. I had several coin dealers look at it, I weighed it- 8.74 grams, size 25 mm. Thanks in advance for any opinions. This is no joke, no scam, and it wasn't bought or made in China. I found it 13 inches deep with my Garrett AT Pro with a Nel tornado coil. You can go join this metal detecting page to view my live find video- https://www.facebook.com/groups/770851049691814/


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