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  1. I have always believed in the power of the group conscience, so am soliciting your opinion. I have been offered this coin by a private seller. He says this 1763 2 Kopek is an overstrike (clearly, it is) on a (year unknown) 4 Kopek of Peter III. What do you think?



  2. What blew me away was a whole series of these from the same seller (in addition to the 1766 Ekaterina). I mean, a 6 or 12 roubles minted in silver instead of platinum? A Constantin offered on eBay? I tracked the sale just for grins and giggles. People actually paid good money for this stuff!



  3. Actually, I had an email conversation with the seller. He was so concerned about the coin being a fake that he did the next right thing. Since he couldn't take it down from eBay, he contacted the buyer (in Canada) after the sale and cancelled the transaction. Seems the coin shall remain, for the time being, in Ireland.

  4. Fellow offering the 1713 Grivennik says he understands why his coin might be considered a fake, and I got this message from him:


    "Sorry to bother you again but I am having a hard time believing that this coin is a fake or a least a fake of the coins that I have seen pictures of because if they went to the trouble of faking it surely they would have got the detail correct . I wonder would you mind running the new pictures by your expert . The colour in the photographs is pretty close to that of the coin ."


    He says he bought a "box of 500 old coins" and this is the only suspect one in the bunch. One unusual thing about it is that this coin is only 1 gram, where the others of this date and time seem to be around 2 grams. I didn't post the edge picture, but it does look thin.


    What do you think?





  5. Just got the results this afternoon from the Kuenker 186. Ouch!


    Not being independently wealthy, I rarely bid on the major house auctions and generally confine myself to items with estimates of three digits (or less). I had bid 125 on a 1704 kopek - estimate was 100. Thing sold for 500!


    Oh, well...I did win a nice one from G&M last week. Poor thing, nobody wanted it. Sold for less than estimate. (Photo from the catalog - we'll see what it looks like when I get it.)

  6. Maybe the guy who produced these was also named Paul? After all, Pasha is a very common Russian name :grin:


    However, judging by the same little "n" -- that could also be the initial of an engraver (like P.U., etc.) So, it could be Nicholas's recoining -- after all, Kolya, is also a very common name in Russia...


    Sorry for any confusion - I was using the description from Uzdenikov (page 259 of my English-Russian version, Variety 6). I suddenly realized I was looking at the wrong variety. What is shown on eBay is actually Variety 7, which Uzdenikov describes as "coin of new pattern." The book also makes mention of the "N" mark (Cyrillic "H") as being somewhat rare, but the illustration shown in Uzdenikov is not sufficiently detailed to compare the eBay photo with. So, there you go!

  7. Learned something new when I stumbled upon this specimen on a website. Had never heard of an 18th century 5 kopek in silver...guess I was too used to the big, fat Catherine II 5 kopeks in copper. Couldn't believe my eyes, so I pulled out my trusty Uzdenikov and sure enough, there it was - on page 94. Any comments - other than this is not a pretty example?

  8. Here's hoping our community can weigh in on opinions/relative value of these items offered by Gorny & Mosch in Auction 178 on Thursday 12 March. These are items I've bid on - I'm really hoping to win Lot 6001, as it would go a long way to completing the objective of my collection. As you might guess, funds are limited, so I'm bidding on the inexpensive items!


    Any input would be greatly appreciated...



  9. Has anyone looked at the online catalog for G&M's Auction 173 (17/18 October)? Looks like a fairly comprehensive collection with some interesting specimens - though at probably inflated estimate values.


    Wonder how many of them are fake? (I've bid on two items, with no real hope of actually winning them, given the pricing trend...)

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