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  1. Why wouldn't sterling be worthwhile?


    People spend all day hunting for 40% Kennedy Half Dollars :ninja:


    Not sure of the best place to buy. I hear good things about Kitco and they charge like $2.50 over spot but unsure about UK. Anyways it will go back down how far I'm not sure. It was in the low $16 range a few weeks ago and now stable at just under $18. I was going to buy a few bars at $16.27 but I was waiting for it to hit $15.50ish and it never did - lol.

  2. Edmund. C. Moy, director of the U.S. mint, released a press statement in regards to gold .900 Monroe dollars being released into circulation. Apparently, 219 of the "golden" dollars were accidentally shipped.


    Easily detectable by color and especially by weight.


    The press release goes on to say "These coins are not legal tender. They are illegal to own and must - under law - be returned to the United States Mint."












































    April Fools

  3. Not 100% sure yet but I've been reading up on specific gravity. Once I get a new digital scale that will be my method.


    Thanks again Satootoko for the info.


    I only have one 1987 Canadian quarter. which I was planning on selling on eBay, but I certainly can't advertise it if I don't know the silver content. There has to be a way to figure out what's what, so what's the way?


    1987 doesn't have any silver in it. Did you mean 1967?..

  4. I've only searched one box of nickels at this point and found 1 wartime nickel.


    6 boxes of dimes = 18 silver rossies and 5 silver canadian dimes


    1 box of quarters = no silver


    2 boxes of pennies = no silver :ninja:

  5. Are you sure you have at least one of each composition?


    1952 = .800

    1967 = n/a

    1968 = .500


    laid out on the table under a tissue. The brightest one is actually the 1968 do to the fact its BU.


    Edit - 1952 actually shows up a little dark due to the dirt on it. Tissue test isn't the greatest. Aluminum tends to glow white also.

  6. The silver content differential may be enough for the tissue paper test to work.


    Lay the coins on a flat surface and cover them with a single ply of facial tissue. There is a very noticeable difference between the coloration of coin silver and cu-ni as seen through the paper, with the silver much whiter looking. I've never tried it with items of silver with different fineness, but it might work. Unfortunately, not many people - if any - can detect a definitive difference in the "ring" sound of dropped .500 and .800 coins.


    Thanks Satootoko. I've tried the tissue test already. I didn't really notice a difference in brightness ... however I'll try it again later on.


    Any other methods I'm opening to hearing them.

  7. I went back to that same coin shop today. Pulled out some sterling and .500 silver Great Britain coinage. $0.25/ea (or 5 for $1.00)... again $8.50 worth


    After I paid he told me he had some GB coins in a box in the back but they were all silver and selling at melt. So I ask to see them and look through them for a bit. Noticing some of the coins I just bought for $0.25 are in this "silver" box and at the same grade but for $5.00/ea


    I shake my head and tell him I'll come back soon lol

  8. I was hoping there was a free resource like there is with U.S. coinage.


    I wanted to know about the 1966 - 100 Pesetas (Spain). I found some information on one site in Spanish once translated there was a column named "Distance" which I think are the mintages. Maybe someone can confirm...



    1966 *(19-66) - 15,000,000

    1966 *(19-67) - 35,000,000

    1966 *(19-68) - 24,000,000

    1966 *(19-69) - 4,500

  9. Oops.. made a typo!


    Half crown (1920-1946) .500 NOT .800 :ninja:




    Corky, not a problem. Hope you find something better next time. If it makes you feel better I couldn't remember the cut off point for silver in Canadian nickels and bought 10 of them (1930-1945) for 25 cents each with a big grin on my face. Thinking the cut off was 1946 for some reason.. when infact it was 1921 for nickels. Lol.. how quickly we learn.

  10. Back to the discussion at hand... the gold and silver market... I liquidated my positions this morning... i expect gold to fall to around $875-$850 here...but who knows


    Seeing as you're a dealer with a store and all.. who do you sell out too and at what price (if you don't mind me asking)


    Other dealers maybe...?

  11. I strip the data... once a day unless I manually invoke the cronjob myself. Seeing as I only request under 3kb of data I'm actually using less bandwidth and server resources then normal visitors. Don't think there should be a problem. However if the service was to get larger then expected paying for information is always available.


    I'm working - on and off - on adding more countries and compositions. Gold and base metals plus a few other options that will blow a few minds. The thing that sets it apart right now is that Canada is actually apart of the calculator and the AJAX results which don't require a page reload.


    Link it if you want :ninja:


    Also, thanks for using the site!

  12. The coin dealer has 5 gallon plastic buckets and such for 'junk' foreign coins which he sells for 8.50 per pound, which you can go through at will. I hadn't found anything really worth much, except for the last pound I bought.

    A 1948 George VI half crown which weighs in at 13.7+- grams. I understand it is 50% silver... ?


    Also, I got a $20.00 roll of halves yesterday and found one 1968 D Kennedy.


    What is 'Hong Kong silver' circa 1978? Is there any silver in it or is it just a name for the color?





    Corky, Great Britain stopped using silver in 1946... Half-crown (1902-1919) .925, Half-crown (1920-1946) .500 (EDIT)


    Nice find on the Kennedy, I got $70 in rolls the other day found three silvers in the last roll.. all 1967 and 1968


    I've been fooled by those damn British Hong Kong dollar coins a few times myself. But I don't know of any that have silver in them.






    Found some Hong Kong coins with silver

    - 5 cents (1866-1933) .800 .0349 oz ASW

    - 10 cents (1866-1905 (might expand to 1933)) .800 .0698 oz ASW

    - 20 cents (1902-1905 (might expand)) .800 .1397 oz ASW

    - 50 cents (1902-1905 (might expand)) .800 .3492 oz ASW


    I'll do some more research in a bit. I didn't cover any Asian countries in my booklet because so many fakes popping up nowadays. Russia also..etc

  13. I've just come back from Numismata coin fair, Munich and I've bought some silver coins at 0.50 - 1 euro/piece. The best deal was a 9.3 grams .925 sterling silver medal/token Rahapaja Oy 1993 (probably from a broken Finland coin set. It was 30 euro cents. And one center holed quarter dollar 1853 was 0.50.

    The junk silver coins are now at 0.45 euro /gram!!! Past year was 0.25....


    That token was a good deal... .0321507466 * 9.3g * .925 = .2766 oz ASW - €0.30 = $0.47 - Current melt value ($19.97/oz): $5.52 = €3.51


    As for junk silver being $0.70 (€0.45)/gram I'm not sure if thats such a hot deal.


    Good job on the token! :ninja:

  14. Wow, I need to get better at knowing which world coins are silver!! I only know US silver, which everyone around here does which makes deals hard to find.


    Yup, I made a little 25 page booklet with world coins, silver fineness, ASW and melt value at $20/oz...broke them up by countries and printed them out on indexcards. Took it to Staples and had them bind it with a spiral thing. 3"x5" reference book right in my pocket written by yours truly - lol.


    Of course I forgot about some big countries like Spain... but I have 8 countries covered ... not every single silver coin ever but what I'm most likely to find in the bins.



    Of course some coins that aren't in my little book may be in 2x2's at the flea market/shop and have the ASW written on the backs. So I wrote a little program for my cellphone that does the math - ASW * SPOT PRICE (changeable predefined variable) = MELT VALUE... that's how I got those two deals above :ninja:


    Lol.. I go prepared now. If an older guy can sit down for 2 hours and look through 45cent wheats then why can't I look for some silver...

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