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  1. I came across a gold coin in my collection that I purchased in the Middle East in a nice jewelry store.


    I'd love to give you a pic but I'm not good with the close ups.


    The coin is the same as the center-right coin in the Coinpeople.com title above.


    The obverse:


    Georgivs V D. G. Britt: Omn: Rex F. D. Ind: Imp:


    with Presumably King George V facing left.


    The reverse:


    is of St. George as seen above.

    The date is 1927 and the mint is South Africa (SA).


    Now, i'm a lowly US coin collector so I'm not familiar with this coin at all. Basic research online quotes values in the hundreds of pounds.


    Again, I'm not a UK coin expert but I don't see any hints at counterfeit and the jeweller was reputable.


    I'll be happy to give more info if necessary if someone could please help me with the identity, the authenticity, and worth of the coin!





  2. I just started using Heritage a few days ago. They have a HUGE selection of auctions and "Buy Now" stuff. For the notes and coins I need, Heritage seems to be the only place where its readily available.


    I do NOT like buying anything sight-unseen but Heritage has pictures of the lots. You can zoom in on them to a large degree and change the lighting so you can notice flaws and creases normal lighting hides.


    I was outbid at the last minute for a few lots last night. Won one though :ninja: . Will see in a few days if its a quality buy.


    The bids were way too high for some lots but great for others.


    Anywho, I may be addicted. Let's see how I like them in a few months.

  3. Hi everyone,


    I'm a newer member, so I haven't seen any forums on this subject. Anywho, I know you guys will be kind enough to answer.


    Heritage Online Auctions offer many of the key notes and coins I'm trying to track down. I've never been part of an auction and never used eBay. I'm curious to know who I'm bidding against and who wins the lots. Are these dealers who monitor these lots dozens at a time or mostly individual collectors?


    If you can give me some advice and clarify those points, I'd be very greatful.



  4. I'm starting on the Barber dime series with coins at least XF. However, I cannot find a coin at all the places I have checked (online, in shops, at a convention) that is XF or higher (and not way expensive).


    Another member has noted that XF-AU Barber dimes have become noteworthy for their scarcity. That seems to be the case. I can find the dimes in more circulated grades and in higher grades but none in these middle grades.


    I'm curious to know if this is the same experience for anyone else out there trying this series.


    Let me know what you think,



  5. Hi, everyone. Just stumbled across this site today. I hope its a lot of help and a lot of fun.


    I've been a collector for a good amount of time. Tomorrow I'll be in Baltimore hoping to find some keys for my collection. I'm nearing the completion of a decent Peace Dollar series and a great $1 Silver Certificate (beginning 1923) collection.


    Since I do not have a huge budget, I will be have to be patient for some of the key bills/notes in these series as well as another series I'm working on. In the meanwhile, I'd like to start another series and need some advice.


    I've always been intrigued with indian cents, liberty nickels, and the barbers. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which series is the best for me to focus my attention, patience, and money on?


    I'm leaning towards the Barber Dimes. They seem to be a good balance between adventure and budget. The V nicks are gorgeous, affordable in great condition, but there are only a few coins that will require some patience.


    The Indian Head pennies are also gorgeous, would provide a good hunt, but will require a larger budget.


    The Barber dimes would provide more of a hunt than the nickels but wouldn't need the budget of indian head cents. I'm thinking of pursuing the dimes in XF or higher grades.


    Could anyone let me know what they think or suggest?


    Thanks and I'm looking forward to becoming a regular forum member.


    PS. I'm live in the Va area but go to school at Northwestern in Chicago.

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