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Hello, looking for advice on gold coins

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I am just a casual hobbyist . I have collected Morgan's, silver eagles and peace dollars for a while. I'm looking to buy my first gold coin or coins with a budget around 450. I have heard that if you can't buy an ounce of gold, you're better off buying silver. However, I'm interested in purchasing either a few tenth ounce gold eagles, a quarter ounceĀ  gold eagle or the historical aspect of me loves the Coronet $5 gold coins. I can get a bu. Condition for around 400. It probably depends on preference of course but would love to know some collectors opinions on denominations and collecting. Thank you

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Hello! Sorry, I don't check-in on the weekends!

Are you looking for an investment? Or is this more for collectability? If the former, I can't help you. I've only bought gold coins for the latter.

If it's the latter, trust your eye. Ideally buy one in person. Buy the one that is in your price comfort zone that just jumps out at you, the one you can't stop staring at. You won't regret it.

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