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Catalogue: Token of the former german colonies! GSWA GEA KIAUTSCHOU CAMEROON

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there is a brand new catalogue/ book on the market:


Token of the former german colonies
(Marken und Token der ehemaligen deutschen Kolonien)


origin title: "Marken und Token der ehemaligen deutschen Kolonien"
author: Nils Leipner
DIN A5, hardcover, colored, 171pages
ISBN: 978-3-00-052872-9
language: german

email: kolonialtoken AT web DOT de

Facebook: www.kolonialtoken.de

Price: 25 Euro (add. s/h)

Content of the book?
This book is a standard guide through the token coinage of the former german colonies and shows all known tokens (also native and pow tokens) and medals with a reference number in one book! It includes the following former german colonies: German Southwest Africa, German East Africa, German New Guinea, Cameroon, Kiautschou (Tsingtau)

- Token coinage (public +private tokens from German Southwest, German East Africa, Cameroon, Kiautschou, German New Guinea)
- Pass token (German Southwest Africa)
- Dog tax token (German Southwest + German East Africa)
- identification tags from the german "Schutztruppe"
- Prisoner of war token
- Medals
- Fakes
- reference table to other uncomplete books (Menzel, Hern, Theron, McGregor, Schimmel)
- value table of each token


best regards









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